Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gaming News #1!

Welcome to my Wednesday night gaming post! I had multiple ideas about how to go about this; at first I was just going to skip this first one and wait for something more interesting, then I decided to post it and shove a whole load of screenshots and info in, but in the end I couldn't get any good screenshots, so behold: My Wall of Text.

So over the last few weeks all of my gaming time has been dedicated to three games; Tribes: Ascend, MineCraft and lastly, a little bit of Terraria. Sadly, I have had very little time and/or patience for WoW lately so not much has been happening over there.

So on to the first: Tribes. I have been newly introduced to this game just last week, and so far have enjoyed it thoroughly. I am usually not that much of a fan of FPS games, the only few I have really played being Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 2, however after being introduced to this game it has taken a fair chunk of my time of late. The high speed action and high skill level required to perform well in this game make it instantly take my interests.

Tribes: Ascend isn't just another one of those point and kill games, where you sit on top of a building and shoot the enemy before they can see you, it's about speed; being in the open and moving fast, but still being in control and able to counter enemy moves. If you get too much speed than you're used to, you will lose control and be vulnerable to simple movement anticipation, but if you're too slow a large radius blast will one-shot you. You need to be fast, and you need to be good.

However as I said before I am not that much of an FPS fan, and who knows how long I will stick to it. We shall see with future posts and I may post some screenshots in future if I work out how to get them to work.

On to MineCraft. If you don't know what it is, I don't know who you are or where the rock have been living under is, but with the introduction into reality once more, you will find out very quickly. I have been playing MineCraft since Alpha and it has changed a lot over time, however it is still great. Though I have played it less recently due to changes in the game, I am planing to get back into it and see what I can do.

Lastly, Terraria. Originally claimed by all to be a "2D MineCraft clone" this game has moved far beyond those tags to become a huge and completely unique game. Not a game played well alone, on my first attempt I only just managed to defeat the first boss alone before a friend came to help out, we then defeated every boss in the game (at the time) and sat around doing nothing. The modern game has expanded well beyond what it was at that time and added a whole new level to the game after beating one of the harder bosses. Sadly, the game is now announced to be completed and will not be updated any further from this point on, but nonetheless a great game with a lot of different possibilities.

I've also decided I'm going to be naming a "Game of the Week" for each week when I post my gaming news. So it has been decided that this week's 'Game of the Week' is... Need for Speed: Underground which I have had gifted to me just yesterday so I may very well post some info and pictures of it in next week's gaming post!

Until then, enjoy and be ready for my 'My Life' themed post in 2 days time.

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