Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm back!

I've finally returned from my outing, which involved a lot of Dissidia grinding and a little bit of Pokemon Black, which I intend to finish soon. I've managed to clear all of Dissida 012's 012, 013 and most of 000 stories, and unlocked all characters bar Feral Chaos (unlocked by defeating level God-knows-what Feral Chaos with approx 130k HP) whom I intend to unlock soon with my newly formed team of level 100s in full Lufenian sets; Firion (main), Cecil (soon to be FF4 DLC outfit), Warrior of Light (Fighter outfit), Kain and Vaan (tactics outfit). However, Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday will be released soon (with my Aya outfit for Lightning) so I will need to complete it as well.

To make matters worse, I will be out of comission yet again for 3-4 days as I have work tomorrow then grouping up with friends to attend the Supanova Pop Culture Festival on Saturday. After this I intend to complete Dissidia and Pokemon, hopefully in time for Parasite Eve, before the Finishing Final Fantasy II and maybe playing a bit of III before IV: Complete Collection is released at the end of April...

Just to go down on the records my Final Fantasy stats are as follows:

Completed: I, VII, X, XII, XIII
Completed (Non-main series) - VII - Crisis Core, VII - Dirge of Cerberus, X-2, XII Revenant Wings, Dissidia
Owned/In Progress: II, III, IV (soon to obtain PSP version as well), VIII, IX, XIV (cannot play due to shitty graphics card), Dissidia 012 Duodecim
Unowned: V, VI (waiting on both to be re-released on PSP/DS/PSN as I don't like my PS1), XI (too poor to pay for a monthly fee, though I already pay for WoW...)

Anyway... I'll have an update with some info from Supanova when I get home and hopefully make my posts more regular! Until then, see you soon.


  1. Hmm.. sounds like you had tons of fun.

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  3. Nice stats man, Followed!

  4. Nice achievement, VIII is currently in progress on my list :)

  5. Sounds like you had a blast! Great stuff :)

    Keep 'em coming!