Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Off to Uni

Good evening, all. Just started Uni yesterday so I haven't had much time to do anything during my free time, which is very little with all the travel I need. Still fine tuning the details with that so for now I won't be getting much done. Still working on a schedule for posting info, considering maybe 3 times a week; One for Games, one for Anime and One for info on how my life is going.

Enough on that for now, time to get on topic. As of recently I have only really gotten to watch one show; Kaze no Stigma, which, so far seems pretty great. Almost finished it so I will see how it turns out. No games played really except WoW, and even that had very little time. Guess that's about all for now, hopefully will get more on topic when everything settles down a bit.

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