Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The return of anime

So after some computer related issues with a friend of mine today, and after spending the whole day attempting to fix said issues only to come home to WoW maintenance, I have some free time to myself.

At the moment I am current in a bit of a stand-off between shows I want to watch, and Uni will be starting next week restricting my time somewhat, so that means I need to get things done while I can. At the moment I am looking at catching up with at least a few shows, namely; Naruto (which I've been struggling to watch lately), Natusme Yuujinchou, and Another.

If anyone has any other recommendations of what I should watch, please post the in the comments.

Also as a side note; I'm currently not sure as to how often I will be updating this blog, or how to go about formatting my post properly, or even how often to do recommendations or anything. I guess I will see in the coming weeks and try to get a schedule set up or something.

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