Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decisions and LAST Hybrid Post (maybe)

Okay so I've finally come to some sort of plan for my schedule. I've decided that I will be posting gaming news on Wednesdays, anime/manga news on Sundays or Mondays and just my daily life on Fridays.

Fridays suit my general life as the whole Uni week will be over, so I will have a weeks worth of boring stuff to talk about. Wednesdays for games because it's away from the other 2 and Monday and Tuesday I get to Uni nice and early to spend hours playing games. And Sunday/Monday for anime/manga because weekends are most likely when I will have time to watch anime, and I at least know Hunter x Hunter comes out on Sundays.

So for now that's all the hybrid posting I will be doing, we will see what happens from here and hopefully I will start to get some more constructive posts made. Hopefully in the next few days my Hunter X Hunter manga will arrive and I will have something to talk about by Sunday. Tomorrow is Wednesday here, so I may very well post something about games, but as I've posted this today there is always the possibility I won't.

Until then, have fun.

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